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If you are a hobbyist and don't have a lot of money to spend on cells, I recently got injured and had to shut down a solar/storage business. I've already sold most of the solar-related inventory. But now, I am giving away the remaining cells and BMS units (and other stuff) to anyone who can come get it. I'm not shipping anything. The stuff goes from my warehouse into your vehicle. No cost. Just come pick them up after you schedule with me and we agree on a pickup time. I'm in Saint Petersburg, FL. Contact me at lithiumcells[email protected] if you have an interest. Seriously, no cost. I already wrote the inventory down to zero for tax purposes.

1: a few thousand 26650 LiFePO4 cells
2: several hundred 18650 INR cells
3: several hundred 21700 INR cells
4: a hundred 66650 LTO cells
5: hundreds of BMS units
6: hundreds of DC circuit breakers for DIN rail mounts
7: thousands of feet of DIN rail
8: 6 units of used LiFePO4 bus packs 13S8P
9: about 100 used SPIM08HP high power INR pouch cells
10: a few solar panels
11: assorted saws/tools for housework.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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