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Free parking/charging at airports?

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Hey guys,

We are thinking of a startup that could lead to free parking for electric cars at airports! If you could fill in the 4 question survey liked to the post that would be great so that we could assess the demand. Also please feel free to comment as we would love to hear your opinion on this!
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It's annoying enough to find parking at an airport and to pay for it - knowing that I am subsidizing someone else would just make it worse.

Do you really expect anyone who answers "Yes" to the first question to answer the question "Would you be interested in free electric car parking at the airport?" with anything other than "Yes"? :D

It seems that many EV drivers are convinced that the world owes them something (purchase subsidy, no road tax on the energy used, free parking in preferred locations, free power); that's unfortunate.

I do understand that the point is that EV drivers would provide energy storage in exchange for parking, but there are substantial issues with that:
  • Is an unknown and unreliable amount of storage useful to the facility?
  • Is any energy storage of any value at all, given that an airport is unlikely to be the location of any renewable energy production other than solar, and peak energy consumption will likely be relatively well aligned with solar production anyway (daytime)?
  • How many EVs are capable of exporting power? A parking lot full of plugged-in EVs that can only charge (and not return energy) provides no storage capability. The survey doesn't ask about that capability.
I assume that the service would schedule use of the battery to ensure that it is full when the owner returns. On the subject of schedule...
  • You should really ask how long (not just how often) it would be used, because a visit to drop off or pick someone up - or even a one-day stop - would be useless for energy storage, and the number of spaces required would depend on the length of stays.
  • Some load-levelling would be achieved by just charging EVs at appropriate times (when excess renewable energy is available in the unlikely case of that ever happening, or more likely just at off-peak times), but that requires knowing how long the vehicle will be parked at the charging station. Perhaps you should ask if they would be willing to commit to a scheduled period.
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