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Fs: 1985 volkswagen cabriolet conversion

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Ready to ride converted all electric with a professional ElectroAutomotive VoltsRabbit kit. Plug in the electric cord where the gas used to go in the car. Charge time is roughly 7 hrs for a dead battery (18 6V FLA's).

Did I mention you can pre-heat or cool the car while it's plugged in? And that you can use the car's batteries as a huge battery backup to run small/medium appliances when your house looses power? Street legal, goes highway speeds and it is insured with clean title.

Perfect for anyone desiring a short distance commuter, weekend toy, or neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). The best part is you charge it with a regular electric outlet! You'll get a little over 30 miles per charge, 25 miles for good measure. If you commute, you may be able to charge at work, doubling your range per day!

The bones of this electric car are in great condition. Body, paint, top, transmission are spectacular for a 1985 VW. Has a meager 82,000 miles, and was converted all electric about three years ago using the well-designed and popular ElectroAutomotive Volkswagen Rabbit kit (aptly named the VoltsRabbit kit). Google the company and kit and you will see the comprehensive list of integrated parts and support that are installed and fully functional on this car. This VW has the 108V premium option for added range and performance. Total conversion cost of the kit without labor is currently retailing for over $12,000. Include the low mileage car, healthy batteries, and optional converted heating/air conditioning system, the total cost exceeds $20,000.

The EV car comes with:
- Fully integrated and functional 1985 Volkswagen Cabriolet Convertible with the 108V VoltsRabbit kit.
- Healthy batteries showing full charge.
- Fully functional heat and air conditioning (heat pump and strips).
- Alpine CDE-123 Stereo with USB, AUX, Bluetooth/Pandora, and handsfree mic installed.
- Premium extension cord to charge on a regular house outlet.
- ElectroAutomotive Conversion Kit Installation Manual, Operations Manual, and Wiring Diagrams
- OEM VW Owner's Manual
- Battery maintenance tools
- Clean Title in hand

Need to sell for a house downpayment, I'll accept reasonable offers!

EVConvert, Charleston, SC
email: [email protected]


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Re: FS: 1985 volkswagen cabriolet conversion

Bump... Getting lots of interest, but nobody wants this ready to ride VW?

I really don't want to part it out since it works great, let me know if you're interested!!!

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