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FS: 2002 Mini Cooper - Needs Batteries

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Build was 98% complete including:

Soliton Jr Controller
Orion BMS
TCCH-H145-16 Charger
7" Prestolite Motor

Insulated and heated battery boxes.
Cabin heat
Vacuum pump
Public charge station compatible

Simple 240V charge cable

Canbus Integration.
- Original tach shows battery amps
- Tach lights show low battery bms errors etc.
- Gas gauge shows batter charge(needs some work)
- Torque app shows detailed info

Mechanical work is solid. Motor is smooth.

I allowed batteries to drain and they failed after I attempted to revive them. The front ones melted down. The front box will need to be cleaned up and re-insulated/painted. The BMS will neeed to have fuse replaced by Orion.

Batteries were 96 - 40ah High power cells 2 parallel 48 series

This car worked great for me for a couple of years. Drives in town in 3rd gear and highway speeds in 5th. Longest range was about 80km.

Located in Kingston Ontario

Make me an offer. I think about $5000 cad is reasonable.


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