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FS: 2012 Azure Dynamics Ford Transit Connect

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I am putting my transit connect electric cargo van for sale. I bought it "new" from the dealer in 2017. Only 1,000 miles on the clock. Not a typo.

  • 29kWh battery - I get about 60 miles range
  • Way overbuilt Siemens induction motor
  • Azure Dynamics DMOC Inverter
  • Back up camera (really nice - I can reliably park within an inch of a vehicle at the rear)
  • Ultrasonic back up sensors
  • Dual sliding doors
  • Cruise Control

The van runs and drives great. Everything works, except the heater, which needs to be replaced (coils shorted)

I will include a windows XP laptop with the diagnostic software installed as well as the diagnostic tool.

Lots of pics below.
Asking $10,900 OBO

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I saw this post on a Tesla forum but I haven't heard back from you on there. I have the transit connect electric as well and I'm looking to learn more about it, and hopefully extend the range if I can. Do you know how I can get the diagnostic software on my own computer? Any information you can give me about the car would be appreciated. I'm looking to learn as much as I can, so that I understand how the car works. Right now I'm just looking to extend the range by adding a extra battery pack inside the cargo area, attaching solar panels, and using that to charge the car while parked.

Thanks For Your Time, Noah Nlandu
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