Hi folks. Hope it's okay to copy a link here. I've had it listed on BARF (SF Bay local site) for a little while and had interest but nobody's sealed the deal yet. I actually have an interested party coming next Monday so act fast if you want it. It was a great bike but I have too many projects to spend time putting this one back together. Only one good battery module (just tested at Zero HQ, 1-2mV cell balance), and needs a left fork, but otherwise can go back together and run. Tons of fun off-road, and a great commuter and supermoto on pavement. Note I plan to keep the top box, but the rack it mounts on will be included/available. It's not quite LEGO but it should be a pretty simple reassembly process, and I labelled every connection on the wiring harness. Would be a shame to waste the clear title but if there's no takers soon I'll part it out. Good SEVCON controller, motor, etc.

$1500 OBO, cash or buyer pays fees. Could possibly ship (the whole thing, can definitely ship parts.)