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FS: 2015 Chevy SparkEV parting out

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2015 34,666miles 140Hp/327 Lb-Ft CA title
Tow away or parting out.
DC fast/3KW charger
EV Drive train
Good 12V AGM battery
Interior: 'p'leather seats, dash, pedals, rear view mirror, carpets etc
All doors, mirrors & hatch, rear bumper good.

Gone: traction pack - sorry :)

Entire vehicle rolls on the wheels, dash comes on with 12V, can shift neutral, park.
San Diego, Old Town area. Stored indoors.

Can loan a 2 wheel dolly if wish to tow away (2") ball.
Used this successfully to bring the SparkEV to the garage behind a 2013 Volt.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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