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FS:72v 1973 Super Beetle Converted

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I am gauging interest in my beetle. I purchased it converted. It would come with a complete interior restoration kit. Brown carpeting with tan seats. I have installed the two front seat covers and it looks great. The rest of the restoration still needs to be done. I also have a new floor panel for the right side of the car. They are bolt in. The cars batteries are on their way out but may have some life left. I would say they need to be replaced however.

I am selling because I moved and don't have a garage right now which has stalled my project.

I have put together a few parts for adding a generator to the system to allow for longer range. I have the engine, an alternator which should give out the proper voltage and amps(80-90v at 100-200amps). I also have a hitch mounted basket which was going to hold the genset. I have the flywheel at the proper size for the engine.

What would be needed to assemble the generator would be a couple parts for the engine (Spark plug, fuel system, maybe a couple other things). I was going to connect the power from the generator directly to the batteries along with some reverse flow protections and a regulator to keep the power flow wavelengths at the correct levels. The latter I haven't developed yet.

The vehicle itself needs a new fender on the drivers rear side. The car is currently covered in snow but I can provide more pics if someone is seriously interested. It does need a paint job soon. I'd also recommend sealer on the right side floor panel. Since the left has the replacement.

I've gotten it up to 49mph according to GPS. I'd assume with 12v batteries instead of 8V, it'd get up to 55 or more. Adding lithium would be optimal for reduced weight. The cars range was around 12-15 miles. I am assuming it's because the batteries were tad weak when I got them. It's manual with no clutch. Shifts find, but sometimes hard to find first.

More detailed description:

  • D&D Motors ES-15 A Series Motor 40HP peak, 12 HP cont.
  • Kelly Controller - KDH07600A, 27-72V, 600A series/pm
  • Kelly Contactor - Main contactor Compatible SW200 12VDC Coils 400 Amps
  • Kelly DC/DC Converter HWZ Series DC/DC Converter 72V to 12V 300W
  • Kelly accelerator Pedal
  • Ford Inertia Swith
  • Charging disconnect relay
  • Kelly State of Charge Meter
  • 9-8volt golf cart batteries - 3 in front -5 behind back seat - 1 under back seat ( "on there way out" or close to death)
  • Tire bough new in 07 with lots of tread
  • New seals on all fixed windows. ( New front windshield provided with rubber seal, the window has a small chip so I opted to replace it)
  • New outer tie rods
  • Disc brake conversion front
  • Brakes still like new
  • New wheel bearings
  • Custom electric heater built into duct for defrosting windshield
  • cup holder and aftermarket center console with 2 cup holders on floor
  • LED light bulbs in place of traditional where possible.
  • New seat covers on front seats with memory foam padding (Very comfy) - one seat may need the seat cover adjusted a bit.
  • Battery Charger is DeltaQ 1000w rated for 72 volts. It is programmable so it can be used with other batteries such as lithium.

PARTS - (most likely incomplete since I lost track of everything)

  • Headliner
  • Carpet kit
  • backseat cover (front on already)
  • New visors
  • new side panels
  • some odds and ends

  • 14.5 HP vertical Tecumseh engine
  • Pancake high voltage high amp alternator ( will find specs soon)
  • Flywheel for engine
  • hitch basket intended for generator
Also includes some spare parts from previous owner.

I am assuming batteries a almost dead because I haven't been able to charge them in a couple of months and they were low on charge before that. I will try to get them charged up asap and see where they are at but I fear the worst for them since they have been sitting in the cold.

Please feel to ask questions. I may hold off on selling if there are no reasonable offers and just hope I can start the project again soon.

Pics: (the front seats are before restoration)
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