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Originally purchased from the EAA store, I modified the box with rubber feet, a better handle, a burr-free cut-out. I then added a Volt meter into the box to allow testing of public stations. The box converts the 240V Avcon "claw" power to a NEMA 14-50 outlet. Any charger (or any other device) that operates on 208-240VAC and up to 30A can then be powered from the 14-50 outlet. These converter boxes most commonly used to power portable small-paddle inductive chargers from Avcon stations.

They were selling here for $325 ( - scroll to the bottom) and are no longer available.

Selling mine for $225 (including free shipping in the CONUS).

Pictures here:

The wear marks on the box are not from abuse or even use. The paint was just like that when first delivered.
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