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I'm looking to sell a complete running/driving drivetrain for a ford foxbody.
Everything is currently still installed and running to prove operation. It is installed in an 86' Thunderbird. The car was converted for a B.S.M.E project. I'm looking to make it an ICE drag/street car again. Make Offer on drivetrain.
I will be happy to demonstrate operation to potential buyers before I pull it all from car.


Warp9 (New design) with mounts
Zilla 1K 156Volt with Hepa pedal
Ilcon Chager
Ford T-5 Trans with adapters to motor.
12 optima yellow tops (still test good)
dc/dc convert
All wiring/cables/cooler/pump/hoses/contactors etc...
Amp/Volt gauges
Inertia switch
rpm sensor

Notes and Issues:

Needs weather proof enclosure for hairball/controller
Motor/Drivetain has less than 50 miles since completion in 2012
Batteries still load test good but are from 2012
Trans needs rebuild, it is still operational but 2nd gear has blocking ring/ syncro issue, Never fixed it since I just keep it in third most of the time anyways.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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