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FS: Complete PIS Prius EV Plugin Conversion Kit, 280 NEW Headway Batteries, More!

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Hi all,

First post here.

Everything listed below is actually NEW and unused. I've never charged or discharged any of the Headway batteries and purchased them NEW in 2015 with the plans to install this kit in my Prius. I've checked the cells and they all are within 3.1-3.2V. They have all been stored in my spare bedroom in a climate controlled environment.

There's a long story that goes along with why I never did and why I'm now selling what I have. The "reader's digest version" is this:

I purchased this very large kit from Robb @ PluginSupply in San Francisco in 2015 with the plans to install it in a Prius. Shortly after the purchase, my father began his very long end of life process that basically had me flying from San Diego to the Eugene Oregon area multiple weekends a month to help. Now that this has finished, I'm looking at all of the rest of the projects and catching up with life that I need to do and have decided that I won't be making the time to do this install. I've basically decided to sell what I have to recover some of the money I spent on the kit. I know I won't be able to recover even close to what I paid out (~13k) but I'd rather see this stuff land in the hands of people that would actually put it to good use and maybe have some fun/joy doing it.

Anyway, here is a list of everything I have. I'm willing to sell the components separately if needed but as this exists right now, this kit "should* be able to be dropped into a Prius without minimal effort. Obviously the BMS and System itself can be used with different batteries, configurations, etc.

I'm located in the San Diego, Ca. area and am happy to help figure out the logistics to get this stuff to you.
Ideally I'd like to have everything sold by 3/5 as I am planning to move soon and would like to avoid having to move this stuff.
If you are interested or have questions you can contact me at my email address if for some reason I miss your PM: [email protected]

280 x New Headway 40152 (No charge \ Discharge cycles - Never used and always stored in climate controlled environment)
4 x Battery Bank Boxes
1 x PIS REAR controller configured using v2.0 ofRobb's Plug-in Prius program
1 x GEN 3 Prius Controller (Only needed if your Prius is not already a Plug-in model)
1 x PIS Contactor Box
1 x TucsonEV J1772 to 5-20R Charging adaptor
1 x P3 Kill A Watt Usage Monitoring Device
1 x Elcon PFC2500 Battery Charger
76 x PIS BMS (Battery Management Cell Boards) v5.00 (with easy connect plugs - no soldering needed)
72 x BMS Cell Board Jumber connectors
154 x BMS Battery to Cell Board connectors
9 x BMS Cell Board Bank connectors
Various HV tie-in cables
Various Orange cell "blocks" and also bus bars (will count if needed but I know I have more than the mount needed for all cells)


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I've done some numbers crunching and I will need a offer of More than $3500 in total in order to sell this vs making a donation to a non-profit for a tax write off. If this doesn't sell before 4/2 I'll likely make it a donation thing.

I'd rather this go to this community that will likely use it vs a donation to a non-profit that may never use it.

Feel free to reach out if interested.

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