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FS: Dual TSM chargers with J1772 and water cooling plate

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I have complete charging system with dual TSM2500 chargers mounted on aluminum water cooled plate, with CAN controller and J1772 inlet.
Here is the same exact setup described at TSM site
Controller is programmable with PC interface and voltage can be dialed to 180V.
This setup allows for 5kW charging at any Level 2 station or at home with 240VAC EVSE.
Asking $800 for complete setup: 2 chargers, CAN controller with USB dongle, cold plate, J1772 inlet, plus also includes 12V water pump and the radiator.
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Maybe its your price. The site you link to lists 2 brand new units for only $150. I get that you want as much as possible for them but a $150 is nothing.

When you can buy a Tesla charging set up and have 10kw for $700-$900 Id guess you are going to have a hard time selling yours for $1000.

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I could have sworn the TSM store had a higher price tag when I made my listing. I certainly don't expect anyone to only save $150 on used vs. new kit, although mine also includes cooling plate, J1772 inlet, and water cooling pump/radiator.
Thanks for pointing out reduced price of the new kit at TSM.

I am reducing asking price to $800
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