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Eltek Valere Flatpack2HE 48vdc out. up to 3000w

These are really compact Telecom units that are isolated.
So they can be connected in series or parallel.

They have a really wide ac input, and they can be fed with even wider DC input.

We have tested these to work from about 110Vdc - 400Vdc.

Here is a link to the datasheet.

They can also be programmed using CAN to a new fixed voltage.
With a couple of CAN commands, set and forget.

Output voltage can be set between 43,5Vdc and 57,6Vdc

If you need to adjust the current, that can also be done but needs continues CAN-traffic to the unit.

Price: 160€ , shipping within EU 12€, worldwide 29€

To these PSUs I have designed a connection board.

They have been designed to not rise more then 10 deg C above ambient at full 62A load. They are made in 210um copper with full vias.
There is also some slits made to have separator boards inserted between the output terminals. Boards have extra coating.

Price: 18€ shipping with PSU is free, otherwise EU 3€, worldwide 7€

PM for questions and orders. Payment by Paypal.


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