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FS: Europe TESLA model S P85 modules

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SOLD 28-12-2018 (Europe TESLA model S P85 modules)

This TESLA pack is sold,
more available,
if interested sent me an e-mail
see my FB page, not everything is listed.
best Carel Hassink

TESLA Model S P85 battery modules
16 pieces available
build year 2014 21509 km
Europe only, prefer selling to VAT registered companies.

Shipping ADR uncode 3480 compliant available at cost,
or collect in Obdam, Netherlands
modules include canbus connector + slave bms board.
Buy all, + master bms board, contactors etc

Carel Hassink


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shipping from Netherlands to Spain for 3 modules will kill the deal,
€122 per module parcel delivery ( not legal), max 32 kg weight limit
freight: ADR pallet 1500kg @€320 'ish

see ebay number 122833932061, TESLA S P85 modules
seller is located in Perpignan France

Perhaps that could work

best Carel Hassink
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