Going to go with a smaller battery due to some changes in plans of my build, so these are now for sale. Full set of cells out of a Gen 2 Chevy Volt. 96S2P, 18.4 kWh (though the original car only used 14kWh). These batteries are known for being quite robust, have excellent water cooling capability and are typically treated very gently by Chevy. Comes with the full BMS harness and plugs.

They have been in my basement stored under cover for the winter. I just took a measurement of every single cell and the absolute highest voltage was 3.652v and the absolute lowest was 3.638, for a max difference of 14 millivolts. This is as measured by my Fluke 115 multimeter from the balance plugs. When I got the battery I charged them to a target of 3.65v cell by cell at 5 amps, so any variance in voltage is honestly probably due to that more than anything else.

Edit: Whoops, forgot to mention the donor car had just under 50,000 miles on it for what that's worth.

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