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All prices in AUD.

Due to unforseen circumstances I have the following gear for sale, everything is new and never used.

Everything owes me a good deal more than what I'm listing it for so grab a bargain.

I can organise freight worlwide for the smaller items and Aus wide for the motors and batteries.

91x Calb CAM72 3.2v 72ah LiFePo4s $8000

2kw Elcon/TC Charger TCCH-H290-08 $1000

Zilla 2k HV Standard Hairball $6000

Siamese Warp 9 and 2 speed powerglide setup $9000

Meanwell 500w Dc-Dc converter $400

70mm2 orange power cable about 5m worth and about 16 cable lugs to suit $100
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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