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I'm selling 64 HiPower Lifepo4 Cells 50Ah with BMS, all screws and connection plates from my electric car.
I made 33000 km and they are with no sign of losing capacity. They are connected with combination of 32S2P. BMS are configured on 3.55V and max charging voltage is 113.4V. They are perfect balanced and never went above that voltage, or never discharge under 3V.
I'm charging them with 1.6 kw charger, so they were not fastcharging. Most of the time (cca 95%) I didn't discharge them more then 50% of capacity. I'm using them with ZAPI controller and forklift motor.
Also have 2 cells and one BMS in reserve, so it is possible to connect the package in 33s2p combination.

PM or 00385 95 538 3336
Item location Croatia (EU)

Price for all is 2400 Eu

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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