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FS: Mazda Miata Project

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1999 Miata, silver with hardtop, tan leather interior. Valid pink slip but with non-operational DMV status. Body is good with just a few door dings. 114,567 miles on chassis. Good Michelin XGT 195/50-15 tires. All accessories were in good working order when the engine was removed.

Drive train
Motor: Siemens 1 PV5133-4WS20 W11, 90 hp 3 phase induction motor. Surplus stock from Ford Ranger application, motor is new. Aluminum housing, new bearings.

Controller: Solectria UMOC440TF, I have two of these and both function. Also, a breadboard set of controls and switches for testing.

The motor is mounted approximately where the original transmission was located. Motor is coupled directly to a shortened driveshaft. The original differential has been converted to 5.125:1 with a Torsen limited slip to support direct drive.

All the above is working and runs with no load, using a small 300 vdc power supply.

Cells: 312 A123 20 AHr LiFePO4 pouch cells, 90% tested good, others questionable
BMS: Elitheon Lite 4 cell test system with master controller
Test rig: Cellpro Powerlab 8 with cell test fixture that uses Destaco toggle clamps for the battery tabs.

Air conditioner
Compressor: Toyota Prius 2004 3 phase electric compressor
Controller: TI RDK-BLDC 3 phase motor driver development kit

System has a new condenser, dryer and Freon charge.

More Parts
Power steering pump from Toyota MR2
Throttle encoders
Crimper for high current lugs
Resistive heater elements to replace heater core.
Lots of relays, Vicor power modules, connectors…too many to list here

Project has been stalled for several years due to family health issues and now I have lost interest. Located in San Francisco bay area. Contact for additional info or photos of specific parts of this project.

Looking for a good home, no reasonable offer refused!

Please send PM to contact…


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If there are 312 battery cells and 90% are tested good how many do you estimate will be needed to complete the project? Also is there a battery "tray" already designed or installed for these cells? I'm trying to better understand what is left to get the vehicle moving under battery power.
The cells are nominally rated at 20 AHr at 3.2 volts. 280 cells is enough for a 3p90s pack ,so you would have about 280 volts at 60 AHr or 16.8 kW-hr. This is a theoretical maximum and a good bit more than you would practically have or be able to use. My calculations indicate a maximum range of 60ish miles. I do think there is space for more cells if you have or can find them.

I have a concept for the battery pack but no formal drawings. I have aluminum angle stock and material for cell spacers (mylar and foam for the ends of the modules) and tie rods to clamp the modules together. I also have the aluminum bars and fasteners to clamp the tabs in series/parallel. The BMS needs additional slave modules to function for the full battery pack.

Other than mounting the controller and batteries and the wiring, the other remaining tasks are all refinements such as instrumentation, air conditioner etc. The drive train ,from the motor to the rear wheels, is complete.

More questions???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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