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FS or WTB: Calb 130ah cells

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I have a pack of 48 calb 130ah cells with one dud, I need to find a source for replacements (one would be great, 2 or 3 would be preferred).

OR -- If I can't find any for sale I will begin selling mine.
The pack has about 25k on it, 47 balance great and hold voltage, one has a high self discharge and has been drawn below 2.6v a few times.

>Tucson AZ< will ship at buyers expense.
I paid $79/cell in 2016 will sell for $60/cell. (all 47, $49/cell)

Will pay $100+ for new or documented used.

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I have decided to part out my roadster. I have a 38 cell 130AH CALB pack.
Bought in 2015 or so hard to remember at this point. I have 1 known bad one.
High self discharge....The rest stay together. EDIT: they are 5 years old, I had to look...

I will sell you your pick for $60 ea. I am in Queen Creek(Phx east valley)

Dean [email protected]
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