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Listing a few items that I already removed from car or were never installed...will add LOTS more as I tear down the car.

New or only used for testing, never installed
CALB CA100 Cells: $100ea (x6)
Inertia Switch: $20
Fuse Holder: $10
500A Contactor: $100
70A J1772 plug/cable: $50
Four Range Digital Control Voltmeter: $75

EVNetics Soliton1 w/ throttle: $1300
Brusa NLG513 Charger: $900
CALB CA100 Cells: $90ea (x14)
GE Wattstation EVSE: $400
PowerLab 6 with lots of cables: $125
Modular EV Power EVC2.r: $20
Arduino Uno with lots of accessories: $20

Will be putting most items on eBay as well, but prefer to sell here to avoid eBay/PayPal fees.

- Scott


1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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