I have a prototype assembly that was designed by a company that is now defunct.
The assembly was tested but never used.

It's an Ashwoods IPM 200-66 paired with a custom designed gear reduction that terminates in a female spline for attaching a standard drive shaft.
It's intended to be used in the front of RWD conversion. With the reduction ratio built in, the final reduction can be 8:1 to 14:1 depending on your rear end ratio.

It has an encoder / resolver and can work with Curtis SE type controllers or any controller that will run an IPM motor really.
Curtis has specific tunes that they developed by dynoing this motor in the UK.

3D cad can probably be provided to the buyer.

Motor is made in the UK, transmission is made in the USA and the UK.

I have no idea what this will go for, and I'll probably list it on Ebay

Motor is rated at 21kW peak mechanical (not electrical) power but that's only at 48v.
I suspect 50kW or more is possible with higher voltages.

you can find specs for the motor here