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Why fool around with homemade housings? Mega-torque! Base speed and power depends on voltage. Used in a street motorcycle conversion and ridden approximately 500 miles. Gen 1 housing, includes parts as shown in pictures: waterjet cut motor mounts, power cables, sensor cable and oil pan conversion as recommended by Remy engineers. (This allows use a smaller and quieter circulating pump. The conversion is reversible: simply unbolt the oil pan and replace with a block-off plate.)

This motor is well understood by controller manufacturers and I used it with a Rinehart PM100DX. $2500 OBO + shipping. Please contact me if any questions or for additional pictures or information.

Application Manual:

Side View by Frank

Input from Controller by Frank

Motor shaft by Frank

Bottom of Remy motor showing oil pan by Frank

Remy motor serial number by Frank

Misc. Parts included by Frank, on Flickr
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