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[FS] Russco SC 18-120 SO battery charger and boost transformer $250

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Used to charge a string of Thundersky 100Ah cells (24S). $250 + shipping. Includes SB50 connectors (one for pack, other to supply 12V).

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HI Frank,
I have one of these and have no manual for it. Would you have a copy you would email?

Tom Gocze
Searsport, ME

[email protected]
Tom, I think I have something - let me look and I'll email off-line.
oops, I thought this was one of my ads. I have one to sell.
Sorry. I confuse too easily!
Let's team up Tom, double the pleasure, double the fun!

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What is the charge algorithm for this charger? Im interested.

Is the input voltage just 120 for this size charger?
IIRC it's CC, CV. It's set up so it needs a 12V input (presumably controlled by a BMS) but I fed it straight 12V via the second SB50. I cannot recall what happened end of charge but I can look in the manual and report back. I had the Thunderskys on a commuter bike that I turned into a drag racer in 2014 so it's been sitting awhile.

Yes it's fed from 120VAC.
There are two small adjusting screws: one to control CV voltage and the other to control shut-off current. I liked this charger as it is isolated but once I moved to the higher voltage packs I couldn't use it.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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