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FS: Scooter/Motorcycle: 3500W Brushless Hub Motor+Controller, front wheel, brakes

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I have a 3500W hub motor with accompanying motor controller available. Along with them comes a matching front wheel, spare tires for both front and rear, and both brake assemblies (lever+master cylinder+calipers+discs).

These came off of an electric scooter that I cannibalized (an X-Treme XM-3500Li). Everything is in good working order as far as I'm aware. I was using the controller for another application until a couple weeks ago, and the motor worked when it was on the scooter.

The controller is a 24-72V, 280A, 6kW Kelly Controller. I believe it is the KEB72601X (version with regen) but there's a chance it's the KEB72600X. Links for reference:

The only thing to note with the controller is that the black end panels are starting to separate from the aluminum enclosure, so you'd want to seal those up before putting the controller out in the elements.

I have the special cable to hook up the controller to the computer for programming settings that will also be included.

I have a variety of other electrical components that I will include at asking price (DC-DC converter, LiFePO4 charger, some cables, etc.)

I also have all the light assemblies and handlebar controls from the scooter that I'm selling separately but I'm happy to bundle them together at a discount!

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