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Here is a very powerful high-end water cooled Siemens 1FV5139-6WS28 Permanent Magnet 3-phase AC Motor Generator for electric vehicles or hybrid applications. Azure Dynamics (formerly Solectria) used these massive top of the line Siemens units as generators in hybrid applications. They are also commonly used in very expensive yachts and marine applications often being connected to a diesel engine to generate from 85kW to over 117kW.

This generator is not to be confused with the much smaller 1PV5135 series induction motors which were used for the Ford Transit Connect project. These large PMAC units are much larger and more powerful. This motor generator looks completely un-used and brand new. It was still sitting on the custom solid wood pallet that Siemens ships them with, wrapped in plastic and all of the protective caps are still intact on the electrical connections and the liquid-cooling ports are also capped. Other brand new Siemens motor generators like this sell for over $12,000 USD so here is a chance to save thousands and get an incredibly powerful high quality German built and engineered product for your electric vehicle (EV), heavy truck or power generation application.

It would also make an exceptional load unit for a dynamometer for testing motors! The motor speed encoder is built-in to this unit and included. I will be listing many other EV parts both new and used including some of the big Siemens induction motors in the coming days. Some fellow members in my EAA club and I purchased a number of items from Azure Dynamics at auction and imported them into the US from the R&D headquarters up in Burnaby B.C. Canada. The items are now in Seattle Washington and all the customs and duties have been taken care of. We're selling some of the things in order to raise money for lithiumizing and doing stuff to our own EVs. :) Make us a reasonable offer and get a great deal on some originally very expensive EV components for your own project!

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