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Refurbished Soliton Jr fully tested and calibrated and without an infernal warranty voiding sticker or security screw on the bottom cover.

It has a new IGBT module (though nothing was wrong with the old one - the controller had a precharge failure on the main board from repeated cycling of power) and the latest revision main board; the latter was not released because I paid to have it made myself just before Seb shut down Evnetics and was not reimbursed for the expense, of course. The new main board corrects a subtle bug in the code in which current overshoots the commanded value if the RPM of the motor suddenly drops (from, say, a missed shift). Since the programmer wasn't interested in correcting the problem I took it upon myself to add a hysteretic control loop in hardware that limits max current by gating the PWM signal to the IGBT module. It's not something that is terribly production friendly because the current sensor output voltage per amp varies widely from controller to controller (which is why the controllers have to be calibrated), but it does work and if I am only refurbishing a controller here and there it's not too onerous to dial in the comparator trip levels on an individual basis.

Other changes on the main board are improved noise filtering of all I/O lines (including 12V power), improved signal processing of the tach waveforms to better accommodate open collector proximity sensors with high pullup resistor values (a top source of tech support emails, that), and, of course, a modest improvement in the robustness of the precharge circuit to reduce the likelihood of failure from repeated power cycling.

If you have some skill with electronics I can also include a spare IGBT module and gate driver board for an additional $250. Obviously I can't provide a warranty but I will provide (non-transferable) email support to the buyer.


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