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FS: Used 400ah TS

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I bought them by mistake and they tested out good. Have held 3.3v for 6 months on the shelf and with a 1C load test there is almost no sag drop. They are USED and have a March 2008 manufacturing date on them and I have no idea how many cycles they have gone through. Check the specs as they are very large and weigh 30#. But would be great for a larger build such as a S10.

Asking $325.00 each and I have 16 of them. (give me a reasonable offer as I would like to sell them or put them on Ebay.) Freight from Hawaii to the West Coast is only about $180 for all 16 and I have the crates).


I finished testing one and it is over 370ah after 6 months setting on the shelf. Now that i have a charger I will recharge and try another one.
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