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my '97 Suzuki eSwift "Zappy" finally let the smoke out of its (perhaps under powered and under cooled) Curtis 1221 controller. It worked just great for about 30k electric miles. First as a lead-acid conversion, and then upgraded to 120vx100ah LifeSO4 battery pack.

I am now faced with a choice of replacing the controller and trying to selling a running complete vehicle, or parting it out. I really don't need TWO electric vehicles, and my eMiata is running just fine.

There doesn't seem to be much of a market for complete EVs I have seen up for sale here, which I find disappointing... which leads me to think I make get more of my investment back parting it out.

If you have any interest either in the whole vehicle as-is, or repaired with a new controller, or in parts.... please Reply to this thread, or email me directly!

The main parts of value are:

- ADC 8" motor
- swift/metro adaptor plate (clutch design from CanEV)
- 120v (38x 100ah Thundersky) LiFeSO4 battery pack
- elcon charger
- 'always on' dc-dc
- vacuum pump w square D switch and resevoir
- eBike shunt-driven monitor display
- 1500 watt heater w switch, etc

and the car itself has:
- decent AL wheels with almost new summer tires
- almost new snow tires mounted on the OEM steel wheels
- 'decent' interior, but a distinct odor of mouse that might require new carpeting to get rid of....

or for the complete build site

Make an offer on any or all....
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