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FS:Zero ZF75-7, Size6 Sevcon, programmer and a few other bits for sale

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Hello All,

Time to clear out the remainder of my parts from my R6. Need some cash to find a battery and other bits for my 300ZX conversion. Located in Columbus OH.

The bits. All plus shipping
-Sevcon Size4 heatsink - $30
-Sevcon Size6 w/ domino throttle - $500 (sin/cos compatible)
-Cycle Analogger with GPS - $70
-Sevcon Clearview display - $250
-Vicor 66-150V to 12V DC/DC 150W w/ busmod - $60
-IXXAT CAN programmer - $300
-Eaton APR48G 1.8kW PSU - programmable voltage/current. Wired in series right now. $110 each
-Modified Zero ZF75-7 SM motor. 2014 model year. $1000

This motor has been opened up and the parallel phase wires have been split and brought out as 6 leads. Operates normally as a 3 phase motor with both A phases wired to the same controller phase. That’s how I’ve been using it. It can also operate as a dual 3 phase motor with two controllers in a master/slave arrangement. For example 1 Sevcon size6 lets you have 660A to the motor, but two size4

4AWG copper wire was used for each lead and a high power automated crimper was used. Double insulation was used and the motor was thourghly cleaned out before reassembly. Resealed with quality silicone type sealing as originally used on the motor. Motor has been operating for 100s of miles with zero issues. Plan was dual size4 or size6 and passive oil cooling, but I never got around to it. More than capable motor and rare to find for sale. Never got thermal cutback on my lightweight R6.

Example here.

PM me with interest.

Pictures too big to attach. Located here
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