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Fully Built EV-1B Controller Car Does Not Run

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I am trying to help my 85 year old uncle realize one of his bucket list items while there is still time, to drive this car at least once. He has been working for over 30 years to slowly build this electric car using the GE EV1-B controller that he purchased in 1984. The car chassis was hand built:

It was finally finished recently and is in a machine shop in Ludlow Massachusetts. When we attempted to power it for the first time it failed. Overview of controller assembly:

I have attempted to study the schematics and all available documentation. In my distant past I have a degree in electrical engineering so I should technically understand all documentation and pretty much understand how things should work.
Using the “General Electric EV-! B, C, D Panel Replacement parts Lists and Troubleshooting/Tune-Up Instructions” manual, I noted that with SEAT and BRAKE switches bypassed and KEY, FWD, and ACCEL switches appropriately set per 3rd bullet point in Symptom section 1B there is not BV at L3, L5, and L7, just minimal voltage. It appears but not confirmed that the new never used but 30+ year old EV1-B controller is defective and am at a loss on how to proceed. Any advice would be appreciated.
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