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Fully Charged Live - Video of my trip to the show

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For anyone who isn't in the UK, or wasn't able to make it to Fully Charged Live at Silverstone this weekend, I made a video of some of the highlights of my day there.

It was a great show and I really enjoyed talking to lots of interesting folks in the EV conversion space here in Europe. Thanks to the folks at Indra, EVBMW, New Electric, Electric Classic Cars, Zero EV, and others I can't remember, for taking the time to chat conversions with me.
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I got some feedback on the video that some people didn't like the style I had chosen to do it in (minimal speaking, just some music as a backdrop to footage of the cars.)

As a bit of an experiment I decided to see how the video would come out if I took a different approach. So I removed all the music and put in a new track where I give some information on the cars (if I have it)

No need to feel compelled to watch this if you have already seen the first version, but I figured I'd have a go at a different style.
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