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Fun with Tesla motor

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So last week I've became a proud owner of a Tesla drivetrain:

On the way home, we stopped by a Tesla superchager - the owner of the brand new white Tesla was quite surprised, to see a Peugeot with a Tesla drivetrain :)

By the looks of it, this motor indeed is the same one as in Tesla Model S. I have no idea if different battery in Model S means different motor, but most likely they are all the same (as power limiting factor is the battery).

The history of this motor is quite complicated. It came from Mercedes, where they were using it on a testbench. Most likely this motor never even seen a car :) The reason why Mercedes had it, is their new Mercedes B electric car. I presume that they couldn't be bothered with downsizing their licensed Tesla parts (they bought everything from Tesla, including the battery and charger), so Mercedes B motors are (most likely) Model S motors. If someone has the dimensions of Tesla Model S motor, please write them here. I would love to compare them.

I've bought the whole drivetrain - motor, single speed gearbox and the inverter. Since this is a factory test motor, most likely the firmware will not be compatible with Model S (it might be compatible with Mercedes B). In the best case it just spits bit more diagnostic information, but most likely having a Tesla capture will not spin it. This is okay, as my plan is to use my own motor controller to replace the "brain" of this beast. Over the past year, I've started to enjoy performing lobotomy to different inverters :) (link in my signature).

I'll be using this thread to give some information about this motor, and how to use it in your conversion.
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Very cool and good to finally know about the encoder.

It's neat that they make use of the high speed capability of brushless motors instead of just throwing torque at it.

What sort of power electronics are used? I.e. bus cap and switches.
1 - 2 of 143 Posts
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