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fuse type

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I'm converting a VW bug to Nissan Leaf power. I understand the Leaf came with a 450V/225A fuse and so I'm looking for something similar online.
I came across the Bel 0AKN series of fuses, which are described as "electric vehicle power fuses." The spec sheet is at
These fuses also happen to be half the price of a similarly spec'd Ferraz Shawmut A50QS250, so I'm wary. Neither are offered by the like of EV West, Zero-ev, Evolve Electric, etc., further adding to my suspicion.:unsure:
Any wisdom from the community?
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How does the Power loss or resistance of this fuse compare with the other EV fuses?
Looks like you found a good fuse for EVs in the 0AKN.
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