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From: gulabrao ingle <[email protected]>
Date: Jul 28, 2007 11:46 AM
Subject: battery management and power distribution system design
To: [email protected]

Hello All,

I want to know what kind of battery management system or power distribution
system has be constructed in order to meet the following criteria, also what
cost will be incurred in it and can it be made at home,
1. instead of all batteries discharging equally together can there be a
system in which small sets of 2-3 batteries discharge more than the rest of
the pack without the overall pack voltage becoming down.
2. these small sets once discharged are disconnected and then are charged by
an external means like an alternator or solar panels
3. once fully charged they are again connected to the main pack and another
small set which has become discharged takes their place at the charging port
4. for this setup which battery technology is more suitable li-ion ni-mh
pb-acid ?

Need for the above setup
1. to make a conversion that can go atleast 120 miles @ 50 mph sustained
using pb-acid batteries off the shelf
2. this conversion will be the ultimate urban animal
3. if this is sucessful then to market the system to the global audience

Thank you
your guidance is most valued
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