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FWD drag car utilising eletric motor for 4WD launching

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Hi, this is my first time posting so my knowledge is very limited & potentially wrong.. but im here to learn.

So bear with me!

The idea I have in my head is I want to beable to utilise a electric motor to drive the rear wheels for a short period whilst launching (0-50mph?, 1st&2nd ICE) And then beable to disengage the motor as I shift Into 3rd(back to FWD)

The car I've got is a mitsubishi colt CZT, I've also got two donor cars
More than happy to chop and change where everything is located near the rear axle to allow for the motor/gearing/batteries ect...

So my question is...
Am I in the realm of possibility?

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Many people propose hybrids in which the engine drives one axle and an electric motor drives the other, than there's no integration of the two drive systems. None of them are actually built because none make any sense, because there is too much weight and complexity for too little benefit... but maybe you'll be the first. :)

There's no need to mechanically disengage the electric motor. If the motor is going to spin without power most of the time, an induction motor is likely more suitable than a permanent magnet motor.
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