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G35 Battery help

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So I was considering converting a g35, mainly because with the factory aero kit it has the same drag coefficient as a model s (.26) and that's before you plug up the grill that's used for the intake.
My big problem though is trying to use the battery calculator thingy. converting ev power is way different than what im used to in converting hp and such.

So my main question is how many miles of range can I expect from let's say 1 lithium ion car battery? (or 10 if it's easier)
I know it's relative to weight, drag, and powertrain loss but ballpark would be great. Or if there's a rule of thumb im unaware of, I use to hear that 1 lithium ion pack was the equivalent to 10 miles of range, does that seem right?

I saw that the standard model 3 has a 50kw battery pack for the 200+ range, which sounds great. I want to use an optima yellow top, specifically a d51, and can't seem to find the wattage/kw. From what I've found it's maybe 9kw? that doesn't sound right though. Basically if I had 5 or 6 of the optima batteries then that's the same a the Tesla battery pack? Is that right? I'm not sure but I think im missing something.
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I think it better to leave it to a professional who has the necessary experience and training to get the job done right.
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