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Garage in Höri, Switzerland for your own project


2 friends an myself have a garage in Höri Switzerland. We own a VW Beetle 1967 ( working progress since ever) a T2b and a T 2ab. We mostly work on weekends, to do maintenance T2s and try to make progress on the beetle.

I thought I post this here maybe someone nearby is looking for a place to do their conversion?

Its a fully equipped garage including lift, tools, welding machine, bits and pieces.

A place is Chf 600 a month. For this you get access to the garage all week, all tools including a place for your car. There is permanent space for four cars in total plus the lift.

We are open minded on projects.

If you are interested feel free to contact me.



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Re: Garage in Höri, Switzerland for your own project

Thanks :)

I hope we can keep this place up and running, its just too expensive for us guys for a weekend hobby.

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Do you guys still have the garage? I'm interested in getting into the DIY garage thing and was looking for my options so I don't have to rent the whole place on my own...
Chris, Lucerne
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