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GE motor and voltages

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Hey all,

I just picked up a project car and was hoping for some advice before I start ordering stuff.

The car I got is a 1979 Ford Fiesta with a 96V (8ea 12V 100Ahr), a very small kelly controller, and an old looking GE motor that I cannot identify (see attached).

The car runs and drives, just has no power. In first gear it is only drawing about 53A at 85.6V. With no load, it draws close to 226A at 68.6V!

So, my question is, I am getting a new motor controller but I would like to operate this thing at 30S32P (90V to over 120V) on 18650's. Do I run the risk of burning up my brushes? I can't find anything on this motor other than from surplus military sites. Very odd to me.

Thanks in advance! I'm pretty happy I found an active forum for electric cars, took me a while.


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Thanks Major. Currently the project will be to install a new DC brushed motor and new controller. Hope to have it commuting to work this late August!
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