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Rule 1: If you live in steep or rolling hills, stick with a transmission.
Rule 2: If you are going direct drive with no clutch or transmission, the lower you are below 2500 Lbs the better.

Rule 3: Simple is best. EXAMPLE: My car is 1,900Lbs. I live in a flat area, but still have a powerglide. I can drive around in high gear all the time, but if I want to zip ahead sometime, that low gear is awsome......

Rule 4: Gear your EV as you would a gas motor. Motor RPM / Tire height/ desired road speed.

EXAMPLE: I have an AC50 @ 6,500 RPM. My tires are 32" tall, SO I have a 6.14:1 rear axle ratio. It gives me a normal speed range.
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