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I can help with some of this.

Can anybody tell me what the insulation is good for in this motor
Temp-wise, typically Class H.

Class A = 105'c
Class B = 130'c
Class F = 155'c
Class H = 180'c

But see if you can dig up a datasheet or, if it says on the label.

This is for 20,000H of runtime before insulation failure.

Voltage-wise, typically any insulation will hold up north of 150v.

The mechanical rpm limit i am told is 6000 rpm, does that sound about right
DC motors are generally not speed limited by their bearings, but by the edge forces on the exterior of the comutator, which is spinning. Bigger motor, bigger commutator, edge speed is faster. It will rip itself apart from being spun.

6000 RPM for a golf-kart sized motor sounds about right. Other ratings you can bend, but this one I would adhere to as a genuine do not cross line.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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