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Generator Installed to Electric Drive Motor

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"...The EV has a 120 volt 24 amp generator installed to the DC electric drive motor (belt driven) connected to an on-board battery charger to recharge batteries when down shifting and cruising down hill..."

How would this work? Would the generator always be engaged? How do you wire it to a charger? Links? :confused:
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an alternator will go as high as 3000 volts if not regulated.
same power which means the current is less.
to hook it into the motor and throttle control, takes some doing.
basically you vary the field so provide the output you want. that is the easy part.
there are a couple of solutions both involving a micro-controller.
Any links? Schematics? ...on this? Thanks.
I learned about this from Auto repair manuals and products been around for a while.
do a google
vehicle 110 volts alternator
I use as a 250KW AC motor as a Generator on my 460 Tbird. that is where the micro comes in.
My mention of the micros to do what you what is in my head.
I use the OLIMEXINO , as far as power circuits the Open ReVolt project will give you diagrams you can pick from.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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