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I have this 10kw fuel-motor powered generator, a K&N from the year 2000. I'm not sure what type of fuel the motor was run on before, but i am told the motor segment is not running.
Would it be possible to use just the A/C generator side as an A/C generator powered by something different (say wind or water flow). Furthermore, would it be possible to run this in a different configuration, in-line with an A/C motor controller with Regen and a battery, say a 200 or 400V one, and use this unit as a motor/generator?
How feasible are these two things? Can I build my own A/C speed controller with a little coaching, or would it be impossible in the first place? Or would using it as a hydro-generator (we have a creek on the property) be considerably easier than trying to pair it with a battery/speed controller? The hydro-generator sounds like a major engineering challenge, but maybe possible. But my knowledge is limited.
I would really appreciate your input on this as I need to decide if I am pulling this generator to keep before the trailer the unit is stored is hauled away next week. Is this thing worth removing and keeping??
I have a Gorilla cart that i need to get up and down a pretty steep and long (more than 500 ft) hill regularly. I am thinking of making an A/C motor with Regen so that I might capture a little stored potential energy whenever I "drop" things (like supplies or water) downhill on my winch/cart set-up. Remote control could be attached to the gorilla cart or to the end of the tow-cable. Would it be possible to capture regen from a slow but heavy decent down a hill, with the proper gearing/transmission?

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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