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Hi All,

So I've found a super cheap controller on ebay, paid £30 and thought it'd be a great buy for a cheap play around.

It's a Genie (Curtis Copy I think) 36v/48v 500amp.

I've bought a curtis pb6 to operate it. As I'm searching around the web I found the enclosed instructions which suggest the pb6 won't work with this controller?
pb6 I am waiting for is as follows : Curtis PB-6 Curits Style Throttle 0-5K Ohms 2-Wire Golf Cart Potentiometer sz
The controller looks like it accepts a 3 pin potentiometer.

J1-13 Pot High +5V supply through 453Ω (or ITS input)
J1-14 Pot Low 453Ω to ground
J1-15 Pot Wiper throttle wiper input (or ITS input)

Do I need to buy another pot or do I just set it up differently?

This project is getting exciting now. I'm still a little lost with everything. But really enjoying it. Imagine an electric car...NO WAY!!!!!




1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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