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Genuine Mean Well Power Supply, model SP-480-12. Was mounted under the hood of an electric car so has scratches and a tiny bit of surface rust on some of the terminal screws, but works great. Listed at $147 on Mouser before shipping, get a deal on this genuine used unit at $85 shipped.

Curtis 1231C Controller, pulled from a working EV conversion with bad batteries. Going to transplant motor into a Geo Metro on 72 volts, so this will not work for me. Shipping is included, and so are the 6 mount tabs that are pictured when it was mounted in the car. This controller is $1600 on Thunderstruck EV brand new and the last used on on eBay was sold for $950+$32 shipping. Upgrade your ride with a nice controller for almost half the price of a new one.

Photos are here on imgur:

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