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Geo Metro EV Conversion!

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Hey everyone! I am pretty new to this whole EV thing and I am very interested! I am in the Cowichan Valley in BC and have a budget of around 1000-4000 dollars. So i'm wondering if you guys could help me out on the parts I need! I know I need a motor but I don't know what kind! I want it to be 120 volts for sure! Could you guys help me out? Also! I want to keep the price quite low. Don't have a big budget. Thanks!
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$1000 - not possible for anything that will likely have any practicality.

$4000 - maybe possible. best bet is to seek out and buy an inoperative / abandoned conversion with usable motor/controller/charger, and spend the remainder on leaf cells and a BMS. geo metros are/were common conversions, maybe you can find an already converted one and resurrect/update it within your budget.

$5000 - Buy a 2011-2012 leaf outright.
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