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I thought some of you would be interested in this video of a vehicle being upgraded to Thundersky batteries, because it shows a battery management and monitoring system that looks a bit different from some of the other ones I have been seeing. (Okay, not that much different, but still kind of interesting.)

I'm particularly interested, because I have a City-EL vehicle (three-wheel microcar) much like the one shown in the video, and I want to upgrade it to LiFePO4. My vehicle is designed for 36 volts, unlike the 48-volt one shown. I don't know who makes the BMS, but it appears to be custom-made for this vehicle, and I think it was supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, CityCom.

There is some more information about this upgrade, in German, here and here. If anyone would like to summarize any important information, in English, I would appreciate it since the Yahoo and Google translators leave a lot to be desired! :)
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