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Getting a Nissan Leaf motor to rotate for a college project

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I have been asked to help out some 3rd year mechanical engineering students with an EV conversion they are doing as a final project.
They have connected the motor to the drive of the car but with only a few weeks left, they are running out of time to get the motor working properly. They purchased a controller from Paul Holmes but I'm not sure if they got all the leads when they were given the motor to get it working.
My question is, can the Leaf motor be connected directly to 400V 3 phase mains supply through a industrial inverter and the motor run just for demonstration purposes. The inverter would be set at a very low frequency.
I don't now a lot about a leaf motor but I think it is a 3 phase motor. I just wonder, what voltage levels it runs at?
Thanking you for any help offered.
Frank Mulrennan