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Hello Guru's:

I am a complete newbie (having just joined).

I have some very basic electrical / electronic experience (I worked as an apprentice electrician when I was young[er], and dabbled in in electronics; I work currently as a computer programmer).

For years I have wanted to build an EV -- but I think I should start small -- perhaps an electric rider lawn mower or scooter?

There is no end to the amount of EV information out there, but I am having difficulty sorting it all out -- do any of you remember your "first time"? -- what resources did you use to get started? -- I would really like to seperate the hype and scams from the reputable sources -- something like a top 10 list for various categories, ie: battries, controllers, motors, etc.

For example, I have read articles indicating that someone put together a battery pack consisting of 5000 off-the-self LiIon batteries -- but [to me], that is 5000 things that can go wrong -- I am sure the more experienced of you know where to go for batteries and which ones to stay away from, etc.

So, if a "top-ten" list exists for the various EV parts or small project plans exist -- I would appreciate any paths (links) to the right places.

Thanks in advance.
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