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I'm a real newbie. Got the donor car (1985 cabriolet). Time to start. I know I'll need a bunch of tools. A friend said I need an impact drill. Time is not something I have a lot of, so I probably will buy new and not off craigslist. I you have suggestions I'm open. You get extra karma for make/model or store suggestions (northern tool, sears, pep boys, lowes, home depot etc). I'd rather not run back and forth to the store. I know I need a torque wrench (but there are zillions).

Please follow my blog. I'm going to be writing a lot. If you think I'm doing something wrong, or could do it better, please comment. Thanks.

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here is my quick list: all the prices are one each less tax from memory or just a guess.

Lincoln 130 amp wire welder and cart from Home Depot $230/ $90. Lincoln is pretty bullet proof wont jam kink or tick you off. easy to get a good weld. Get 4 spools of extra flux wire.

The rest from Harbor Freight; you can order on line.....

* = not necessary but neat and helpful to have

Sawzall and metal cutting blades $49/$15,
Drill press $200*,
Thermal heat sink paste to prevent welding heat distortion on thin metal $9*
wire toner tracer $80*
4 in angle grinder and 10 wheels both cut off and grinder $25/ $5,
Chop Saw $69 extra 14 in blade $8,
Fire extinguisher $14,
4 ea Volt ohm meters $3
alegator clip set for making test leads to VOM $12
wire loom wrap for making loose wires neat $9
magnetic base dial type angle finder $8,
protractor $5
Auto darkening welding mask $49,
Magnetic 45/90 deg welding helping hand 4 each $4.99,
welders vise grips set of 4 $20,
30 each size #6 and #0 copper cable ends for battery cables $1.75 for 2,
infra red non contact temperature thermometer (for measuring heat in batt connectors, heat= bad connection)$20,
220 v Plasma cutter $699* (cool tool)
couple of 18 VDC drills (has torque adustment) the cheap blue ones $12-16,
couple of 500 watt work lamps on stands $15,
hydraulic 5 TON floor jack $49,
Scrap carpet for laying on,
Engine hoist $110,
oil drain pan $8,
rags $5,
#8 self tapping sheet metal screws $6,
kit assortment of wire connectors 250 $14,
assorted 4 colors wire spools (called wire store) 25 ft or 50 ft $25,
Wire crimper tool $9,
2 sets good high speed drill bit set of at least 25 sizes $25,
set of 3 step drill bits (cool tool) $8,
Hand sheet metal bender pliers $7,
Spot welder (cool tool for making metal boxes) $99*,
3 sets socket adaptors for electric drill 1 set = 3 one each 1/4 3/8 1/2 (cool tool) makes zippin on/off nuts n bolts EZ $3
Heat shrink gun or hair dryer $19,
Heat shrink tubing assortment $9,
3 cards JB Weld $3 *,
electrical tape assortment 4 colors $7,
3 pocket magnetic pickup tools $4,
4 magnetic parts trays for nuts and bolts $5,
25 foot Drop light retracting cord reel (from ceiling) $30,
Assorted nuts bolts kit size 4 to 10 $20,
6 spare drilldriver screw tip sets Phillips straight torx (you'll loose em) $4,
set of hole saws 3/4 to 3 inch $12,
set of files for burrs flats and rounds $12,
counter sink drill tips for deburring drill holes $9,
set of cutting chisels $15,
dead blow hammer $12,
rubber hammer $9,
sand paper pack $7,
Socket set $70
end wrench set $49,
Pop Rivet gun kit $19,
Weller soldering gun kit $27,
6 pairs of safety glasses $3,
2 cans of plastic dip for insulating your tools $9,
dremel tool set $25,
pack of sharpie markers $4,
4 tape measures $9,
white chalk for marking steel $4,
hack saw $15,
4 in vise $30,
4 ea 4 in C clamps $6,
6 cards of AA batteries (for flashlight, etc) $2,
pocket inspection mirror $3,
dial caliper $17,
Propane torch electric start and cylinder of MAPP gas $19/$9
contractors calculator $20
12 VDC to 120 AC 2000 watt inverter $149 on sale *
Jack stands $20

The hammer-on battery cable swedge I use is from eBay $16 + shipping.

tool box
extension cords
bathroom scale
friends with chase car full of tools and a tow bar. This is where the 2000 watt inverter comes in handy to power drills and saw, margarita blender etc,. for off the road repairs powered by the chase car 12 batt.
hydrogen peroxide
Baking soda for batt acid spills
good dog to pet for frustrating times.
cell phone for calling 911

Well there's prolly some bunch a things I forgot but that's almost the kitchen sink list. minus the beer fridge, but that's mandatory...

Best of luck. Look forward to your blog.
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