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Hi everyone, newbie here

I am thinking of converting a Tony Kart to electric but I would like to add a degree of complexity and put in elements more typical of a regular EV production car.

My idea is to be able to have regenerative braking but I've only just started to do some research so I don't have much of an idea at the moment. My budget would be around 1500 euros / 1770 dollars. I would also like the kart to reach 70 km/h / 44 mph if possible but I understand that this could make the project too expensive.

At the moment I have thought of something like this:
-E-Quadrocycle conversion kit 3kW ( Don´t know if it is enough power)
-48V 60Ah Li ion battery (the cheapest and most powerful I've found, maybe I should make my own one
-new controller that allows regenerative braking (haven´t found one yet -- need advice, this one is suitable for scooters as this video shows.

Do I need anything else? Is it feasible?

Thank you for your help. :)
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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